Friday, 16 April 2021

Sydenham School 1928 - 1955

Found this by chance a few weeks ago in rural Alberta on my way back from Wainwright, Alberta. It is in a field with three horses. The horses were nosy and came up to the fence to investigate. Two of them were friendly enough to get scratched behind the ears. The other was suspicious enough not to get any closer. That one missed out. 

Remains of a  lightning rod on the roof.


  1. This one looks somewhat stately and/or modern but still has the classic lines of a country school. Nice find.

  2. According to the Provincial Archives, this school was "Sydenham School - School District No. 1869, Wainwright - Thirty-four Pupil One Room School with Full Basement, Toilets, Etc., Frame Construction" so pretty advanced in its construction. Served grades 1-9. The fact is it still standing upright is interesting given its age (almost 100 years).