Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Have not been feeling that great for the last few days. 

No, not COVID.

Mainly headaches. Hope to get posting some content in the near future. The Alberta Government has restricted activities again for the immediate future. Things are largely open except for restaurants.

My motorcycle is back on the road. Last Wednesday I road it to the shop to get a few things done. These were things where I ordered parts at the beginning of the summer and did not get them until the bike went into storage for the winter. The bike was done last Friday and I picked it up Saturday morning. The timing was good because last Saturday night into Sunday morning we got about an inch of snow. It melted away by that afternoon. I am just waiting for some warmer weather before I take it out out again.


  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Perhaps a nice, long bike ride will do the trick. Take good care!

  2. First, "covid" is nothing but the current strain of flu--nothing more. Second, all the shut-downs and closing in the world will accomplish anything. It's all about power and money--always has been--always will be.

    It's good your bike is up now that spring is more or less here.