Sunday 14 March 2021

Abandoned Saskatchewan cemeteries

Two cemeteries in this post since they are not that far apart. These are between the Alberta/Saskatchewan border and Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. Red Lake is on the south side of Highway 1, Kincorth is only a couple of miles away on the north side of the highway.

Red Lake United Church Cemetery

There are supposed to be two cemeteries on this quarter of land about one half mile apart. I managed to find one. There was once a church at this location and it was in use until the late 1930's then in 1939 it was moved into Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan. I did not find any evidence where a church once stood. It looks like there might be four to ten people interred here. There are no markers and badgers have done a lot of damage to this place.

At least one person has remembered this place.

Lutheran Cemetery Kincorth, Saskatchewan

I guess there once was a bit more to Kincorth at one time. Now there is only a one acre cemetery.

This marker is just off the highway. Up the road from the highway about a mile or two is the cemetery.

Highway 1 is just off in the distance just past where the road takes a curve.

Historical Society marker.

Unique marker.

Off in the corner is a child's grave.

At the foot of the grave is this marker.

Off in the corner is a fenced gravesite for a husband and wife. I am curious as to why the burials are so far apart.

Not much snow in early March. If you did not know these two places were so close to the highway you would never notice them driving by.


  1. A very cool find. 👏 The one fellow died right in the middle of the dirty 30s so I'm surprised to see a marker. Ever dollar was needed to buy food.

  2. This really touches me. That little church was once the center of a rural community, and all that's left is the shell and the forgotten names of the dead.

    But, even here in my suburban community, all the older, small churches are gone. Many had cemeteries that are also now overgrown, slowly disappearing. It just seems like the society that built my country is fading from view day by day and a newer, harsher, and less cohesive one is replacing it.