Monday 22 March 2021

Abandoned Lutheran Church

This is between Swift Current and Stewart Valley, Saskatchewan. I was a little disappointed when I got here. I had been wanting to see this church for some time. The problem was that I had seen photos of it posted but I did not know the exact location. After I finally found where it was I made a point to see it a couple of months later. Winter in Canada is not always conducive to travel. I got here on March 6, 2021 after a nasty cold snap subsided.

Internet photos made it look better than it was. The photos I had seen showed it intact. When I got there the steeple had been torn off, likely in a storm. The interior had some graffiti. Out of all of the abandoned churches I have encountered it seems that there are more abandoned Lutheran Churches than others. I have not kept track, it just seems that there are more of them.

The remains of the steeple.

The interior was in poor condition and empty.

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  1. I think it would have been a pretty impressive church in its day. Good to get pictures to record it as it may not be standing for long. Given the number of these churches and their remote locations I guess they just can't be preserved.