Sunday 23 February 2020

The procedure was a success however the patient remains dead

Completed the weekly trip to visit mom this Sunday. The portable battery did not get her car started. No matter since I also brought cables. Drove my car into the parkade and turned it off, popped the hood, and attached the cables. Turned the key in her car and the barest glimmer of electrical activity presented itself. Started up my car and let it run for half a minute, then turned the key in her car and it came to life.

Disconnected everything. Drove the mother's car outside and checked a few things. Tires pressure is fine. Lots of gas. Oil is where it should be. Took the car for a lengthy run on the highway. Got back to mom's place, parked outside and turned it off. Waited two minutes, turned the key, no signs of life. Well, no shop was open today and even if they were everyone in this town usually drives something from the big three and it is usually a truck. Since mom drives a KIA the shops here might stock a battery for this thing. Boosted it again and backed it into her parking spot for better future access. I could change the battery myself and I have changed them in the past. I would rather pay someone to do it because it looks like a pain to get to it. Car remains dead and I had to manually lock everything. A project for another day.

On the plus side no one is going to be stealing it.


  1. lol - There's a bright side to everything!

  2. Take it to a KIA dealership for servicing. They'll have new batteries.

  3. I have found Costco a good place for car batteries. They may not install, but they usually have an adjacent business that does, such as here in St. Albert.

  4. Hope you can find someone to change the about CAA?