Monday 29 April 2019

Abandoned Saskatchewan church

I know a couple of people that had been here and I had to see it for myself. I know nothing of the history of this place. I will say it is kind of northeast of Clair, Saskatchewan. There is a small cemetery on the grounds that looks like it has less than twenty burials. I heard from one source that the church was never completed and never used. I have nothing to verify this.

Someone I know told me they were here in 2010 and were inside on the upper level and told me you could see another domed church in the distance. There is another church not far away that I did visit as well. I took a look inside. It is very unsafe, the floor is collapsed in a few spots. One of these days it will collapse. I am glad I got to see it when I did.

I thought I would try it in black and white. I like the effect.


  1. That church, just sitting there being reclaimed.

    Families packing all they could carry, traveling half way around the world to grow grain, build a church like they had in the old country & then move on.

    Leaving the prairie to reclaim the church....

  2. A beauty and a testament to those that came before to ply their skills. Great photos!

  3. Sounds like a sad story behind this one.

  4. I hope the story of it not being completed isn't true - such a shame!