Thursday, 12 October 2017


I had taken photos of this a few years ago from a distance. This on an acreage near Summit Lake south of Nakusp, British Columbia on October 7, 2017. I wanted photos of this again because I liked it so much. The guy who lives here was in his yard when I drove up. I asked him if he minded if I take a photo of his car. He said he gets requests asking this all the time.

The car got up on the pile of rocks the way a lot of guys accomplish things. He and a buddy were drinking a few years ago when it was winter. The conversation got to the where one said to the other he bet they could get the car up there. Some rope, a tractor, one guy in the car trying to steer it, and mission accomplished. When spring rolled around he said it looked pretty good up there and left it, especially since it looked a lot better than the old couch he had up there before. The "3060" on the car is his house number.

The owner restores vehicles. He opened up his shop and showed me a 1967 GM pickup that was being restored from the ground up. The guy does great work. The car on the rocks is a parts car that was used for another project.


  1. That is a great old car. I love the pictures and the story.

  2. Wonder if that was the first sunroof...
    Great story, thanks for sharing.