Thursday 20 August 2015

Starlite Diner Car, Bowden, AB

I stopped here August 17, 2015. Sometimes you pass something dozens of times and you never think about stopping and seeing what it is about. This is just off the main highway between Calgary and Edmonton in Bowden, Alberta. I was coming back from Edmonton and needed a break. 

This is one of those places that really needs more attention. You walk in and it is like being in a diner and for some reason it has an alien theme. The alien theme runs through the decor to even the menu items. I have no idea what connection Bowden has to extraterrestrials. It does not matter anyway, the food was good and that is what counts. If you are ever in the neighbourhood, stop in.

I really like this place. I will be back.

The walls are decorated with old science fiction movie posters. Just quirky enough. 

My food tastes are not extravagant. Nothing special, it looked good and tasted good.

I found this room to be abduction free.