Monday 10 June 2024

Goodbye Jim

Progress is slow. I need  to strengthen my knees and thighs. I can manage standing for five minutes at a time. I will get better. June 26th will mark four months from the last operation on my legs. From what I have read on various internet sites typical femur healing time is four to six months. It can be longer. If my progress is slow I am also still healing at the same time.

I have made a few friends here. The problem is that connections you make here come with an expiration day. People get better and get discharged. 

I met Jim some weeks ago. He had his leg amputated months ago due to diabetes. There are some diabetics on the ward that have lost a leg, a couple have lost both. Jim and I have had some good conversations and some laughs. A few times we ditched the scheduled lunch meal and went to the basement cafeteria for bacon and eggs. I could tell Jim would be a good guy when he readily acknowledged that I had excellent ideas like hitting up the cafeteria or ordering pizza to be delivered. He helped keep me sane by being good company. Jim is being released in the next few days and I will damn well miss him. Hard to find an easygoing guy with a sense of humour here.

I have made a few acquaintances and seem them paroled, I mean released. I am here for the long haul and it hurts to see people leave before you. The ones I like, and the few I dislike, when I hear that they are getting discharged I make a point to wish them well and that I hope to succeed. I genuinely mean that.


  1. It's always important to have friends and a few laughs, even if it's short-term only. I hope you find another Jim to order pizza with!

  2. Keep up your good attitude and I know you'll find another 'Jim' to make your days a little lighter.

  3. Hang in there! Soon it will be you.

  4. Considering why people are there, I bet it is hard to find a lot of good humor. Not sure how I'd be taking it, that's for sure.
    Good for you to wish even those you dislike to do well on discharge. I hope you find anotherJim soon.