Thursday 30 November 2023

State of the blog address

The end of November is the anniversary date that I chose for this blog. It is as good a date as any.

As per usual, over the past year, some things that I wanted to accomplish got accomplished and other things remain. As with anyone and everyone life throws something unexpected at you.

December 22, 2022 I moved mom into a retirement home. Mom had to accept that she could no longer live on her own. I hired a guy to help me and we schlepped furniture and her belongings into her new place in -20C weather. In January, February, and March her place, with help from my sister, was cleaned up, cleaned out, and prepped for sale. Two to three times a week during the winter I drove an hour each way to check on her place. Eventually it sold this last August.

Mom’s memory gets incrementally worse as the months progress. She uses a walker, sometimes a wheelchair to get around. I manage her affairs and make sure her bills get paid. The staff there are wonderful and the food is good. I know the food is good as I have observed that mom has put on some weight. Mom never phones. I have left her with phone numbers, which she loses, and she has a phone in her unit. I think she has trouble using a phone so she does not bother. Both my sister and I phone her during the week and she has a visit from one of us at least once a week. Dealing with mom’s stuff over the last year threw a wrench into some of my plans. Life is not always about you, it is also about other people, and responsibilities. Other things come first.

This year was different. Early spring was dry with a number of wildfires in the province. Drayton Valley, where mom lives, was one of the places evacuated due to wildfires. After that we got rain. Lots of rain. Summer trips that I wanted to take to British Columbia were put off entirely due to wildfires there.

I bought a motorcycle in August. Well, to be more accurate, I bought another motorcycle. It barely got used due to the air quality being so poor due to smoke in the air from wildfires. Then when that dissipated it did not get ridden due to rain. I took it into the shop for new tires and a few minor fixes and they had it for three weeks. It still takes forever to get parts for anything. On the positive side it is however ready to go at a moment’s notice next spring.

I had some adventures this year. A few highlights were visiting the ghost town of Alamo in British CoIumbia and a hike into an abandoned mine in the same area. Most of the experiences were good. A few of my trips were planned, most were last minute as I was dealing with other responsibilities. A few places I would just return for the local craft beer, after all, people go on wine tours. Anyway, I have learned that if you want something to happen usually you have to be the person to make it happen.

Soon another year will be upon us. I have some plans, make sure you have some of your own.


  1. year 2023 has been one of long delays and medical adversity over here in my life. We both will forge onward next year.

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I look forward to reading your posts and seeing what you have in store for the coming year. Hopefully the weather and circumstances will align and allow you to take road trips (and find more craft beer to enjoy!).