Sunday 29 January 2023

The text post

Saturday I did some dog-sitting for a neighbour. My neighbour has a ten month old Shih Tzu / Yorkshire Terrier  cross black female puppy named Luna.

My sister was supposed to be at mom's condo days ago painting it. She wanted the job so I told her to come up with a budget and get it done. The budget is set, the work just needs to be done. There was a minor cold snap in Alberta and a snowy day where my sister lives. My sister is hesitant to travel in winter and tends to travel in absolute ideal conditions. I expected her to be there on Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday, now she might possibly be there Monday. Monday the weather continues to improve and gets warmer. There will be mild temperatures this coming week. Meanwhile it is taking longer to get the condo done and on the market.

A few things needed to be moved out of the condo, namely a dresser and a kitchen table with two chairs. So my canine companion joined me on a trip to mom's condo. I stopped in at the retirement home first to see mom. They allow dogs in to visit. 

Everybody loves a puppy. I got interrupted several times while signing in and getting to the elevator. I let any interested senior, and staff member, pet Luna. Mom was quite surprised when I entered her room with a puppy. Luna jumped onto mom's lap and mom loved it. I am sure mom was a little disappointed when she found out that Luna is not my dog. I plan on getting a dog sometime, I just do not have the time right now. It is easier to borrow the neighbour's dog for now and the dog is a good traveler. The remaining furniture got moved out and the condo is practically empty.

One a recent post about family photos one comment asked what my succession plans are. This sort of thought comes up whenever I visit the retirement home. I have joked to a few people when the topic came up that my retirement plan was Smith & Wesson. I got that from another blogger who died a few years ago and thought it was funny. A number of people I have mentioned it to apparently are not into dark humour.

I have a condo, two vehicles, and a motorcycle that I own outright and some money in the bank. I am not rich but I can live for a few years on what I have. My will is current and everything is left to my sister. The ideal plan would be to spend everything and die when there is nothing left.

I live somewhat frugally. I am stressed out, tired, and I am not in love with working but I really do not enjoy it lately. I am toying with the idea of packing it in for a few months over the summer and then looking for a job in the fall. It might be time to spend some of the funds I have been socking away and do a few things before I cannot do them.  


  1. I wish I had valid answers for you, I quit work at age 61 due to getting screwed on a salary raise. My cash account had x dollars in it and I decided when it was gone I would hunt work. When a year went past and I started our SSA and checked the little pile and it was x plus some. Since then I have found that I can comfortably live on slightly less than the SSA here in this country, As you know since then I am now 15 years older and still doing just fine money wise, Carefully look at your situation and make sure you have something to do that you want to do during that time off and go for it. My something is RV travel in the USA, I do not know about your country but down here there are so many10-15 dollar an hour jobs you can find occasional work nearly anywhere for a few weeks or longer if you need some spare cash boost for something..

  2. Do it you won't be disappointed!!

  3. several years ago i prepaid my funeral. that is one less expense for my sisters when i am gone

  4. Life is too short.
    Time is the one really valuable that we all have, you only get so you use yours is (usually) a personal choice.
    Taking the summer off and using the good weather to do something you really like to do is not a bad idea!

  5. A sabbatical from work sounds lovely!

  6. Well, tomorrow will mean today will be gone and will be yesterdays news. Good luck on your decision.

  7. Take the time off. You'll love it!

    It's great having a dog to borrow every now and then. Maybe you could take Luna on a road trip with you.

  8. I think you deserve to take the time off. DH put off retiring for three years because he felt he wasn't quite ready. Now, in hindsight, he wishes he'd quit the minute he was entitled to. The additional 3 years didn't make any difference to his pension amount so basically he worked for nothing.