Friday 20 January 2023

Cottonwood School

I managed to visit Cottonwood School in 2021.

I saw a Facebook post yesterday that the new owner of the farmland where this old school is located burned it down.

I can see  his point. The place was in poor condition and it was a liability hazard. There is the issue of people venturing out to see the property, creating a nuisance, and trespassing. There are a lot of old places that are far beyond saving. Get out to see them while you can.


  1. Burning it down wouldn't; have been my choice. There's something almost sacred with old buildings; whatever the condition.

    1. I do not necessarily agree with burning it down however I can see reasons why it might have been done.

  2. It seems pretty obvious to me that the owner either had liability issues with the school ir he needed that extra half bushel of grain on his property, at any rate this makes me furious, no school marker or cairn, just another piece of history waisted

  3. How sad! I can somewhat understand the farmer but it's still such a shame. Good thing you have photos!