Sunday 8 January 2023

Kind of an update

During the last week work was kind of busy. Trying to get everything thing in place in order to manage my mother's affairs is tedious. Progress is being made and items are being struck off the list. 

Friday night I was off to Airdrie to stay overnight my sister's place and meet with a bank on Saturday morning. One of the good things about living in Canada is that there are five major banks that have branches across the nation. These days you can go to any branch of your bank to get what you need done. The unfortunate thing about Canadian banks is that they all have the same level of lousy customer service. My sister and I had to meet in person with a banking account manager to resolve some issues on my mother's accounts. Luckily we were able to do that on a Saturday. This was the third attempt trying to get this done and everything went smoothly. The trick must be to keep going back until you find someone that knows how to do their job and then will actually do it.

After that my sister gave me a box of stuff to give to mom. Various things for mom's new residence at the retirement home. I thought I would get that over with and take it to mom. After about three hours of driving I dropped off the items at mom's place in Drayton Valley and visited with mom for a few hours. There are signs up at the home announcing a COVID outbreak. All that seems to have changed is that they killed off some activities for the time being.

Next time I visit my sister I am going to get a hotel. I sincerely believe that she and her husband do not believe in heat. I woke up before six in the morning and it was cold. I held out as long as possible so I would not wake anyone up before caving in and taking a hot shower to warm up. When I was visiting mom later in the day her place was excessively warm. I looked at her thermostat and it was cranked to 30C. I was going to turn it down and she told me leave it as she felt cold.

After visiting mom it was an hour and fifteen minutes home. I made a quick stop on the way, I figured I deserved a beer or two when I got home.


  1. Nice to see that things are coming together. I agree that it is nice to run into people who know what they are doing, as it happens so rarely these days.

  2. Just like the three bears nursery rhyme..... One too hot, one too cold, and one (at home) just right (and the bonus - comes with beer or two).

  3. It's difficult to find anyone who is good at their job these days (but there are a few). Nincompoopery seems to have a tight grip on the work force.

  4. I like Michael's term - nincompoopery. It seemingly runs rampant these days and usually is accompanied by an attitude. Canadians are rapidly losing their reputation for being nice.