Friday 14 October 2022

Apparently I have a blog

I should also be posting stuff on it.

Posts took a bit of a recent holiday.

October 7 I came down with a cold, right before Thanksgiving weekend. Someone was generous with their time cooking a turkey for me. I loaded up some turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and delivered it to my mom last Saturday. We had some for lunch and I informed her that I was not well enough to visit for longer that weekend. I left her with enough turkey to last her the next two days.

Took it easy when I got home and did nothing on Sunday. Watched "Never Say Never Again" which I think is one of the better Bond movies. I was never a fan of the gadget heavy Bond movies. By the way, whenever Bond is in some establishment like a hotel an assassin who is a staff member attempts to kill him. You would think Human Resources would do a better job of screening these people.

Caught a Walter Matthau movie "Hopscotch". Nice light comedy with some great dialogue. I wonder why no one writes stuff like this anymore. 

I found out on the following holiday Monday that her phone stopped working again. Mom used her neighbour's phone to call my cousin who then called me. I bought a phone from what was once known as Radio Shack and drove to her place. I found out my cousin had fixed the problem so I left the new phone with mom in case it was needed for a future phone issue and drove home. Back to be with the cold.

Apparently you cannot kill a cold with lots of red wine and leftover turkey. That is what my initial research tells me. I am not that overly sick with a cold, I am just trying to kill it off but it is taking its time. Coughing when you are trying to sleep is annoying.

Working all this week. When I am healthy things are relatively tame at work. When I am under the weather everyone seems to come out of the woodwork. I am looking forward to the weekend.


  1. Red wine and turkey should make you sleepy though and that's good when you're under the weather!

  2. Wine & turkey are worth a shot!

  3. The weekend has arrived - Enjoy!

  4. So sorry you've been ailing - colds seem to hang on and on these days. Or maybe it's because we're getting older and don't throw them as easily as we used to.