Sunday 18 September 2022

An mildly interesting thing happened on the Needles Ferry . . .

The ferry runs between Needles and Faquier, British Columbia. There is really nothing in either place. Highway 6 from Vernon to Nakusp is a thoroughly enjoyable drive with lots of twists and turns through the mountains. If you are ever in the area I suggest you take it.

Saturday September 17, 2022 I am on the ferry. Next to me is a 1993 Ford F150 that has seen better days. I am out on the deck enjoying the day. About halfway across I see what I think is steam coming out from under the hood of the truck. The owner pops the hood and says it is on fire. Which it is.

I got the attention of one of the crew members, this ferry had a crew of three and said "Fire!". That sort of thing gets their attention quick. The crew member started spraying the fire with a fire extinguisher which did not work. A fire hose was brought over and a good soaking worked.

Meanwhile the owner is standing near me. I told him that he might need a ride and offered one. The ferry docked, we were all waved off. The other ten vehicles took off, I parked nearby and waited. His truck was pushed off the ferry and out of the way. I walked over to meet him and asked if he needed a lift. He looked to be a little shocked. He said that he just spent seven hundred on a new pump. He said the alternator was the culprit. To lighten the mood I said it could have been worse, he could have been driving a Dodge. Not all attempts at humour work.

I had all day Saturday and Sunday to get where I was going. He only needed a ride up to the Arrow Park Ferry which was abut twenty minutes up the highway in my direction. His brother lived on the other side of that ferry crossing. He turned out to be a stockbroker who now lives in The Dominican Republic, was visiting family, and was dropping off the truck and his family was taking him to the airport the next day. I never did get his name.

The ferry continued on uninterrupted. I kind of expected them to have to shut it down, file an incident report, call the police, fire department, Ministry of Highways, and whatever other government agency in the area and complete reams of paperwork to satisfy government regulations. Maybe that happened later. 

I was slightly amused that not one other person offered the guy any assistance.  I would like to think if I was in the same position someone would offer me a hand. I dropped him and his luggage off. The important thing I learned from all of this is that Hoss & Jill's Bistro in Nakusp serves an awesome omlette.

His vehicle is in the front on the left.


  1. Mildly interesting? I think that's a tad more than that (or very easily could have been). Bless you for taking on the Good Samaritan role.

  2. I was just on that ferry a few months ago; took the scenic route from Revelstoke to Kelowna, via the Upper Arrow ferry, through Nakusp. It was when I arrived at this ferry that I realized I had forgotten my raincoat at the hotel in Revelstoke. (I did get it back when I passed through on my return trip via 97/97a/Hwy1.)