Friday, 26 February 2021

Up in the Air...

. . . literally!

Spotted near Gwynne, Alberta.

- Michael Truman


  1. Wish I could have seen what it must have taken to get it up there!

  2. Not sure of the back story here, but I am reminded of another one from some time ago in the murky, muddled, memories of my youth.

    So anyway about a billion years ago as a mere teenager I was in Los Angeles (chasing a girl, don't ask), and came across something like this.

    A huge construction crane had suspended a brand new Cadillac DeVille over Supleveda Blvd, and you could see it for a half mile in any direction even in the thick L.A. smog.

    At the bottom of the crane it said, "Get your Lemon at ...(dealers name)!"

    Apparently the car owner was a wealthy general contractor who bought a bad car and after trying desperately to get the manufacturers to fix it finally resorted to good old fashioned seller shaming as his final remedy.

    It worked! I think it was up less than a week, just long enough for the media to get wind of it. Suddenly the previously unsympathetic sales crew were begging him to take a brand new car...on the house!

    At least, that is how I remember it, clears throat..."Swing low, sweet Cadillac, coming for to carry me home..."