Monday 8 February 2021

New Kiev

The Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church also known as the New Kiev church is located southwest of Two Hills Alberta. The Holy Trinity Parish was established in 1908. A log church building was completed in 1918 and the present church was completed in 1947. Both churches were built mostly by Polish immigrants, hence the name “New Kiev”.

The church was a local landmark, sitting majestically on a hilltop and serving the area’s parishioners for seven decades. It closed for regular services in 1999 but was used for special services after that. Unfortunately, the church was burned by arsonists in Jul 2020 and it was completely destroyed.

These pictures were taken in Jul 2019.


  1. I hope that the hottest spot in hell is reserved for arsonists. Especially arson of irreplaceable historic properties.

  2. I agree with Glen. It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would do this. What motive could they possibly have?

  3. I'm with Glen too - I hope they caught those idiots and threw the law at them but I suppose all they'd get would be a rap on the knuckles.

  4. I agree with the majority on this one. I can't imagine why anyone would do such a thing.