Monday 10 June 2019

Pokrovshye Old Greek Orthodox Church 1934

This one had been on my list for some time because it is so unique. My list is really informal. So informal I do not have it written down. I have a folder on my computer where I keep random road trip notes.

I did not find much information on this church. The church is a few miles from Hines Creek, Alberta so it was quite a distance for me to drive there. It was open and when I walked inside I am not sure it is still being used. It looked like someone was using it to paint icons. 

A number of icons on the wall. I like their work.

I quite liked this one.

I have to feed my habit of interesting window shots.


  1. Such an impressive-looking church - almost with a hint of a one-room schoolhouse look as well. Interesting that it was open and the icons were there - you'd think the painter might be concerned about theft.

  2. I was there myself a week ago. It's a very unusual church and extraordinarily beautiful. I couldn't go inside as it was locked but the old church was still awesome to see and photograph.