Monday 10 June 2019

I got egged

At least one of my clients likes me. They gave me eggs from their chickens.

I have recently taken over files from a person that had worked at my place of employment for nineteen years. So far I have been blindsided by stuff. It seems like every client has a crisis or a complaint about the simplest thing. There have been a lot of little minor things that have had to be fixed, there are some legitimate issues, and I have been running flat out trying to keep on top of things. I almost think they are trying to test me. Combine that with mom being in the hospital and it has not been a fun last two weeks. It has been down right exhausting.

The eggs were good. So I have that going for me.


  1. Nothing like a fresh farm egg as long as you don't want it hard boiled. I always enjoy the color of the yoke when I fry one.
    In time you'll get the problems in hand... it's just new.

  2. You'll get on top of things once you're more familiar with the files. In the meantime, get all the protein you can!

  3. Time to sleep in...take a day important just for yourself.

    Everyone of those eggs is a different colour...reminds me of collecting eggs as a kid.

  4. Bad timing all around. I'm sure you'll figure it out and calm the masses before long.