Tuesday 27 October 2015

Various school markers

Observed on October 10, 2015.

On Highway 570 east of Big Stone, Alberta.

On Highway 570 east of Big Stone, Alberta.

The Stimson one looks like there was a piece of foundation behind it.

This one was on Township Road 282 just off Highway 9 west of Oyen, Alberta. What remains of the school is sitting in a field just down the road. It is in poor condition.

Highway 41, north of Highway 9. No building remains.

Also Highway 41, north of Highway 9. Nothing except the marker.

A number of these that I run across had dates that ended in the 1930's. The reasons are obvious. Years ago I read a book by Max Braithwaite titled "Why Shoot the Teacher?". He was hired as a schoolteacher during the depression in Saskatchewan. He mentions areas being so poor that teachers were paid in scrip or promissory notes, there was no money to spare. The farmers kept the teacherage stocked with food. The dustbowl caused enough people to move that some schools were no longer needed. Tough times that I would not want to experience.


  1. Me thinks there might be a nice book documenting those forgotten schools hiding among all these great photos.....
    Just a thought......

  2. Would you have any coordinates or more info on the whereabouts of these markers thank you