Thursday 22 October 2015

Railroad water tower October 10, 2015

Heinsburg, Alberta.

This is one of the most interesting sights I have run across.

This is right beside the North Saskatchewan river. When you drive into Heinsburg you drive down the side of the riverbank down to the water tower. This is the view from the bank. Heinsburg is flirting with ghost town status. There are some people living here and a number of abandoned buildings.

I happened to get there at the right time to get some great photos.

From the sign near the water tower.

In addition to the rail line and water tank there used to be two grain elevators.

This water tank was completed in July, 1930. In addition to supplying water for the railroad it also provided water for the hotel and the curling rink. The tank stopped being used in the 1960's. Only eight tanks of this size were built in Alberta and this is the only one still standing on its original foundation. Most of the plumbing inside is original.


  1. You really outdid yourself with this one! Great pictures of the tower from different angles. Nice diagram of the inside of the tower, too! Bravo! :o)

    1. I am a little disappointed that I did not post more. There is a note on the sign that Don Mazankowski was partly responsible for saving this from demolition. Don is well known political figure in Alberta. When I got back I thought I would get that same infomation from the internet however I could not find anything on it. I should have taken more notes at the site and a few more photos.

  2. Good work, BW!!!

    I stumbled across that on business years ago and swore I would go back with a picnic lunch and a camera. Then I was going to ride the quad there on the Iron Horse trail but that never happened either. Glad you could make time for it...

    1. I blame you, since you gave me the idea when you commented on my Delburne post. I looked it up and immediately thought that I just had to go there.