Friday 24 May 2024

So how is rehab?

Rehab is easy. It is well past twenty-eight days since I had a drink.

Physical rehabilitation at this stage is painful.

Last week I was cleared to start putting weight on my legs. That does not mean I get to stand on my legs right away. I am slowly being introduced to putting pressure on my legs and working up from there. I just got some new exercises in my physiotherapy session. Yesterday morning before my session my lower half hurt. After my session it hurt worse. I was sweating and trembling from the pain. Putting some weight on my feet feels like my feet are weak and pain travels up my legs. I have went through a lot of horrible pain since the crash and I will go through more. Today was a bit better.

The people that look after my case decided my hospital stay would be extended. I will likely be here until sometime into July. I told the social worker that if they keep moving the date to keep me here I am going to put better furniture in this room and hang some artwork on the walls. My birthday is in July and I would like to make it home by then.

Extending me makes sense. I need to accomplish a lot more before I can be discharged. I have not stood at this point. It is going to hurt when I do. I cannot leave until I progress enough and that will take time and effort. Depending on how I do I may be able to leave earlier. As for the pain it reminds me I am alive. It reminds me of how far I have come. It reminds me of what I have left.


  1. It's good to hear how you're doing. They will have you walking out of the place...hang in there!

  2. It's awful that you must go through so much pain and difficulty. I hope you will see steady progress, decreased pain, and that you will be home by your birthday.

  3. Nothing to motivate you like bad esthetics! Better get that hitch out of yer giddy up and get home before the August snow pack up there. Big hugs from down south, I'll pet the possums for ya.

  4. At least you can tell good progress is being made.

  5. I know a guy who, in his younger years, say early 70s, used to hump a 100 lbs over 25 miles, just for "da halibut".
    Now with spinal stenosis, myasthenia gravis, and neurologic complications of diabetes he is very happy to walk (so to speak) from room to room in his house without using a walker.
    Good luck and may you return to your painfree, prior life.

  6. Keep working at it, BW! It should hurt less doing the same in subsequent days doing that, but then more with each new set of exercises that use different parts of the body... Its interesting that a slight shift in a usual workout engages different fibers and they respond in kind..... (Well, sometimes not so kind!)

  7. And I have come back to say that if you have a pool available, and can get the help to use it .... Its a great tool to use...
    After a float in my "pool" this evening .... (Livestock water trough) I keep it chlorinated.
    It can do magical things.

  8. I'm sorry that they keep extending your stay but you, I know, are well aware of the fact that there's a lot that has to happen before you can manage on your own. As you've said - you're stubborn, and I know you will attack all those Exercises of Torture and get better day by day - or even hour by hour. We're cheering you on!