Saturday 25 May 2024

Abandoned in Uckange


Recently my wife and I toured southeastern France by train. En route between Metz, France and Luxembourg, I was gazing out the window and spotted a huge derelict industry. I made sure to sit on the correct side on the return journey and captured a few images of this former blast furnace in Uckange, France.

According to this page, four blast furnaces were built at Uckange in the very late 1800s. At the time this area was part of Germany (Alsace-Lorraine) but after WW I it became part of France.

It ceased operation in 1991 and most of the furnaces were demolished. This is #4, according to the site above.

It seems to be a popular place for "abandoned places" seekers.

Since we were passing by at track speed, there was no chance to investigate further!

Steve Boyko


  1. The people were German, then after awhile they were French.. Kind of odd but that's how the world works.
    Thanks for passing that along!

  2. Imposing, if derelict, structures!