Monday 15 January 2024

Southern Saskatchewan, July 2023

Well the last few days were no fun. Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday temperatures dropped to around -40C or less overnight. Saturday there was an emergency alert broadcast to conserve power to prevent rolling blackouts from happening.

I left work on Friday, drove to the grocery store, then from the grocery store to the liquor store, got out of the liquor store and the car would not start. There was plenty of battery power, it would just not catch. I went back into the liquor store and waited for five minutes, it was too damn cold to wait outside. I tried the car again and it started with no problems. I got home and decided I was not going anywhere on the weekend. The car could sit in my heated parking spot for the weekend.

When it is this cold the plan is to stay home, make sure the heat is on, check my emergency stuff, have a few beers, make chili. A few bowls of chili will keep you warm. Everyone I know made it through the cold snap with no problems.

It is significantly warming up the next few days. I keep a summer photo or two in reserve for winter days like this. I love Canola fields.


  1. It's been brutal. Can't wait til it's really over.

  2. Glad you had a warm place to wait before you tried to start your car again. And you're right - chili (and soup) are comfort foods when it's that cold. Stay warm!