Monday 11 January 2021

Somewhat back

Tired and needed a break.

Did not really feel like posting. This latest lockdown is depressing. We are working our way through six weeks of restrictions. The only plus is that with a number of businesses closed or restricted is that I am saving money simply because I cannot spend it. I do not shop online.

My turkey that I ordered and picked up on December 24th was fine. On Christmas Day I drove to my mother's place to drop off turkey with dressing, vegetables, and potatoes. At this date it does not look like I am getting my plastic containers back. I am not going to press the issue, I will just buy more. Mom either forgot or needs them more than I do.

I like to take a drive on New Year's Day. The world seems to be a bit quieter on that day and I think it is a good way to start the year. I drove from the Leduc area on Highway 16 to Jasper, then south on Highway 93, then east on Highway 11 to Nordegg, Rocky Mountain House, then at Red Deer onto Highway 2 home. This route was to get out into the mountains, stop and breathe the air, and enjoy the silence. Unfortunately the only wildlife I encountered was a fox and a very friendly crow at a roadside turnout. I expected more sun, some of the shots are a little bleak.

I would have loved to stay overnight in Jasper. With the latest rules all of the restaurants are closed, it is takeout only. I would rather spend more time when more is available and dine it. The lack of amenities will affect the frequency of posting.

Yes, the water is that shade of green.


  1. Nice pictures. Thank you. Reminds me of north Washington in the winter.

  2. Replies
    1. It was close to zero Celsius. Not that bad.

  3. Looks the way winter should look...snowy and cold. I like it.

  4. Buy a good fart sack and flop out in the back of the truck BW. That’s half the reason to buy those things...😊👍

  5. Good that you got some time outside. Great pics, as usual.

  6. At least the saving money aspect of things is an upside to the pandemic. Have to search for *something* that's good out of all this. Love that wonderful shade of green in the water - reminds me of Emerald Lake and how incredibly green it is.