Friday 11 December 2020

What next?

The photo is Highway 93 that is north of Lake Louise, Alberta about two weeks ago. Usually I kind of make some vague plan to get out on the weekend. This Sunday we are under a thirty day lockdown in Alberta with a lot of restrictions. Just about everything will be closed, no social gatherings in or out of your home.

With everything going on I really do not feel like going out or posting. I find all of this damn depressing especially with Christmas approaching.

Hopefully it gets better.


  1. Been about 15 years since the wife and I were up in your neck of the woods. Told her about the lockdown and she wondered if the government run liquor stores are still open. Seems that was a large part of life up there during the winter months. Thank you for your blog. A daily dose of normal for us. Take care

    1. Liquor stores have been privatized in Alberta for years. They also seem to be an essential service so they are open.

  2. Think we're heading into the same sort of lockdown here. Toronto already is for the most part but all that's doing is sending the people out into the surrounding communities to shop (and spread their germs!).