Wednesday 12 January 2022

Not an auspicious 2022 for this blog so far

Posts are admittedly practically non-existent. I will have to work on that and get out and enjoy this nice weather.

I came down with something last Friday night. I was only sick for a day. I appear to be fine, just damn tired and have not put up any posts. It helps that the days are slowly getting a little longer. Hopefully they do not get any wider.

Slow time of year at work, which is fine, since I really do not feel all that motivated to work. Not to mention that there is not a lot to do at the moment. Some days I am just fighting the clock. Trips are being planned.


  1. Enjoy the balmy weather while you can. I think it's back into the deep freeze for us on Monday or Tuesday, worse luck.

  2. Trip planning is a fine way to pass the time!

  3. Relax and enjoy the recovery phase, we'll still be here.

  4. i appreciate everything you post.
    thank you

  5. So sorry a form of grunge caught up with you - hopefully you're better now. Planning trips sounds like a perfect pastime.