Sunday 30 November 2014

Rosevear Ferry

The Province of Alberta owns and operates seven ferries. They are listed on the internet but there is nothing really in the way of directions on how to get to any of them, just where they are located. I really had to scrutinize a roadmap to find out how to get to them. The government website provides a minimal amount of information which is unfortunate as I think with a bit of promotion they would get a lot more traffic. They are usually open from May to November.

Rosevear Ferry – Local road over the McLeod River near Highway 16

Bleriot Ferry – Highway 838 over the Red Deer River

Crowfoot Ferry – Local road over the Bow River - 5 km south of the junction of Highways 1 and 56, on Range Road 201

Finnegan Ferry – Highway 862 over the Red Deer River

Klondyke Ferry – Highway 661 over the Athabasca River

LaCrete Ferry – Highway 697 over the Peace River

Shaftesbury Ferry – Highway 740 over the Peace River

The Rosevear Ferry is a short distance north off of Highway 16 onto Range Road 154, marked as Rosevear Road, and is paved. The turn off to Range Road 154 on Highway 16 is between Nojack, Alberta and Edson, Alberta. The road is a secondary road and in fine condition. There is a bit of gravel on the approaches on either side of the river, nothing that will give a motorcycle any problems. The river is not very wide and the ride is over in a few minutes. When I was there it was not very busy. 

I took my bike north up Range Road 154, crossed over and took Highway 748 east to Highway 32 south back to Highway 16. I encountered so little traffic off of Highway 16 I was beginning to wonder if anyone lived in the area. Practically all of it is paved. It is not an interesting trip but it is not far off the main highway. The pictures were taken on May 19, 2014.   

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