Monday, 9 November 2015

Tiny Post Offices

For some reason I have been noticing post offices lately. There are some very small rural post offices out there that I am surprised they are still operating. Not that there is no need for them, it is the fact that our postal system has been killing off service for years. I found a story that the smallest post office in western Canada is in Metiskow, Alberta. I might have to investigate. 

When places were first settled you sort of became an actual town when you got a post office. The act of getting one in your area made things official. Your place existed and the government recognized it. Now I doubt if anyone really thinks about them.

This one is in New Brigden, Alberta. 

The boxes in front are what Canada Post has been trying to get everyone to adopt for years. Even in Airdrie, Alberta, which is over forty thousand people, there is no home delivery. You get your mail from a set of boxes in your neighbourhood. I only recently thought about it but post offices as we used to know them are rapidly disappearing.

This one is in Heinsburg, Alberta.

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