Friday, 6 November 2015

One of my favourite places

Fairmont Hot Springs, Fairmont, British Columbia October 24 and 25, 2015. 

Aerial shot is courtesy of Bing. There was no snow when I was there. The pool right in front of the lodge is reserved for guests. The large pool is open to the public and guests. 

I used to live in Sparwood, British Columbia which is further south. As a family we went to Fairmont several times. I have been there a few times since then. The last time I was here had to be over fifteen years ago.

I love this place. It is in the mountains and there are great views. The lodge is reasonable. I booked a room with a couple of friends, the room was a loft style with two double beds, two single beds, for a rate of two hundred dollars and tax. It is about three hours by car from Calgary. It was great to see that it is largely the same as I remember. This place could have been ruined by greatly expanding and commercializing it. 

When I am here this is the only pool that I want to use. It is right in front of the lodge and it is hot. The water comes from the hot springs. It is open until eleven at night, sunset was about six thirty, it was five degrees Celsius, I was in the pool that night enjoying the warmth with the lights illuminating the dissipating heat as it disappeared into the sky.

Oversize teddy bear tagged with the moniker "Percy".

I love a great cup of coffee in the mountains. People tried to tell me that this was a Belgian White Ale from the Fernie Brewing Company however I was certain that this particular beverage self-identified as a cup of coffee. Who was I to argue?

I noticed that Steak and Eggs was on the menu for breakfast. When I find it and it looks like it might be worth sampling I consider it my duty to take the plunge. It wasn't the best Steak and Eggs I have had (that honour still belongs to O'Shea's in Jasper) but it was near the top.

Perfect time of the year to go, just between the end of summer and before ski season. If I have to experience autumn I want to experience it here.


  1. Great spot to relax in - mountains, water, good food and friends!

  2. My family has a timeshare there... I've been going almost every June for nearly 30 years. :)