Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Monday, 5 December 2022

The dishwasher chronicles

Bought a dishwasher last month.

November 29th it was supposed to be delivered. Received a phone call before eight in the morning that they did not have a truck available. They can deliver it on December 5.

It is December 5th and my dishwasher was supposed to be delivered this morning. Got a call that the truck was loaded in the wrong order so where I was to be first on the list I was now close to last on the list as my dishwasher was in the back of the truck. Fine, not a big deal.

This afternoon they deliver my dishwasher. It is has a stainless steel finish. I ordered black, my other appliances are black. I politely told them to take it back and bring me a black one. I await an update as to when I can get my black dishwasher.

The saga continues.

Once Upon a Time...

. . . there was a fairy tale house. Enjoy!

- Michael Truman

Sunday, 4 December 2022

Four slices of bacon to go

Over my past few visits to see mom in the hospital she had a specific request.

Mom wanted bacon.

The hospital sometimes serves eggs for breakfast but they do not serve bacon. Perfectly understandable, bacon is not exactly healthy, and she was in a hospital. Mom wanted me to get bacon for her and her roommate. I checked with the nursing station on my visit a week ago and there were no dietary restrictions, they both could have bacon. Therefore I agreed to supply bacon.

Yesterday morning I stopped for breakfast in Drayton Valley and when I finished I ordered four slices of bacon to go. Straight to the hospital to deliver two slices of bacon each to mom and her roommate. I would have got them more except that is all they wanted. It was a big hit. When I left the hospital there were two deer on the front lawn of a house across the street.

Other than that I got nothing accomplished. Mom was the most confused of any visit so far. The person who was supposed to pick up the couch and love seat from mom's condo canceled on me, her kids were sick. My sister who was to meet me never came as her, her husband, and her son all have some nasty illness like the flu and they sound like they are on the verge of death.

I drove home in the dark and did not encounter any suicidal deer. They are a menace. I will run out for another visit after work sometime this week and then for mom's birthday on Friday.

Friday, 2 December 2022

Elevator Friday with bonus plumbing business photo

A few minutes in Killam, Alberta from Dale Redekopp.