Saturday, 18 August 2018

Aneroid Cemetery

I passed through the town of Aneroid on a recent trip to the Assiniboia area of Saskatchewan. I like stopping in the small towns and especially at the cemeteries. 

On this occasion I saw someone weed-whipping in the Aneroid Cemetery so I pulled over and went to have a chat with him. As it turned out, my new friend Harley was the sole, volunteer caretaker of this rather large cemetery.  He had spent nine hours mowing it a few weeks before and was now weed-whipping around all the headstones. A big job for an older fellow on a very hot day.

Harley also takes care of a pioneer cemetery out in the country. He mentioned that someone had recently asked him why he took care of an entire cemetery where he had no relatives buried. He said that if he had known all those people when they were alive they most likely would have been his friends.  I like that answer.

Aneroid celebrated its centennial in 2013.

A child's headstone in white marble.

Harley busy weed-whipping around the headstones.

The stone pillars of the main gate were erected in 1929.

- Michael Truman

Friday, 17 August 2018

Road trip?

If only.

Motorcycle is still in the shop. I live near Calgary and you would think that Calgary having over one million people that someone would stock a wheel bearing for a Suzuki motorcyle. Apparently it takes two weeks to get one. Various bills and responsibilities are keeping me from things I would rather be be doing. Such is life.

The photo is from Jasper, Alberta on August 6, 2018 which is where I would like to be this weekend.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Fir Mountain School

A country school in Fir Mountain, Saskatchewan that dates back to 1929. It was originally a two-room school that had a third room added on at a later date. 

There must have been a lot of kids in the area at one time.

Behind the school was this eye-catching barn with a somewhat magical air to it.

- Michael Truman

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Forest fires in British Columbia are making things incredibly hazy here in Alberta. This is early evening smoke south of Leduc, Alberta on August 11, 2018. Since then it has got a lot worse.

Lost or . . .

Very lost. Such a range of choices.

Sometimes you run across some odd stuff on a back road in Alberta.

There might be a story behind this.