Monday, 18 March 2019

Thank you Brig!

Brig from sent me an elevator picture and it is not even my birthday!

From what I can tell this one is in Oregon. 

The joy of moving

I am not really moving in so much as I am trying to get a place set up. I had three separate deliveries to my condo last Saturday. One delivery was a couch. One was bedroom furniture, a table, and a mattress. I have to put together the bed frame. The last delivery was a washer and dryer. I have an apartment style condo with space for a stacking washer and dryer.

When I bought the washer and dryer I specifically asked what I needed and arranged for installation. I bought the hoses and new dryer vent hose. When they showed up to install it I was asked for the stacking kit. I did not have a stacking kit because I was not told I needed one. They told me it could not be installed without a stacking kit. I let them drop it off and drove to the appliance store and informed them I was not pleased that they neglected to tell me I needed a stacking kit. I could not find my original sales guy, the guy I did corner started to tell me they were sorry for the inconvenience. I politely told him I was not interested in an apology, just fix the situation. I bought a stacking kit and next Friday they will be coming to complete the install. 

After that I went back to my new home and set up the bed and spent the first night in my new place. The builiding is quieter than a morgue which is nice. I have not had my own space for years. It will take a little getting used to things.

Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Children of all ages! I give you . . .

Best I can do at the moment. I have been busy with other matters.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Some places just disappear over time

All that is left of Artland, Saskatchewan is a marker.

The railway still runs close by this spot. A train passed by while I was trudging up to the marker. Some other curious type had visited this spot before me, those are not my tootprints in the snow.

The marker reads:

Artland had its beginning in 1908, with the building of Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The hamlet grew quickly to a population of 67 in 1921. Having a variety of businesses, Artland was a hub of activity with good sports facilities for its time. In 1969, the general store in Artland closed, marking the end of an era. Although the hamlet is gone. The Artland community spirit still holds. We leave this tribute to Artland so future generations will remember and be proud of their roots.

     Among the rolling hills of sand
     behold the Town of Artland stands

     One lumber yard, a general store
     Three dwelling houses, maybe four

     A patch of peas, a row of taters 
     A pump house and two elevators

     Six school kids, three ruffled grouse 
     A depot and a section house

     The man who owns the general store
     Some people, maybe a half a score

     Earth has many a noble city. . . 
     At midnight Artland looks quite pretty

     I go there when I've grain to sell
     Till then dear Artland, fare the well

Erected 1993

Thanks to the people of The Artland Community, past and present for their help in this project.

"Gathering, preserving and sharing the history and folklore of Saskatchewan."

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Kingman, Alberta elevator

The Kingman, Alberta grain elevator that is not in Kingman, Alberta. It sits on a farm some miles from Kingman. You can still make out "Kingman" on the side of the elevator.