Friday, 16 March 2018

And now . . .

When you run out of buckets . . .

To update the prior post we now have more leaks in the roof. We graduated to big blue tarps protecting computers and files. It looks like we are undergoing renovations.

Not my usual Friday . . .

Yesterday we had a heavy snowfall warning. Last night after work  it was nice enough in Airdrie so I was dumb enough to drive to Calgary to look at a 2007 Dodge Dakota manual transmission rear-wheel drive extended cab that looked in excellent shape from the description and posted photos. I do not live far from Calgary so I thought I would take a look. Once I got there the weather quickly got worse. It was snowing hard and it was making the roads icy. I made it to see the truck and turned back right away. The interior looked great. The owner hid the fact that there was noticeable rust over the rear passenger side wheel well. Definitely not interested.

I drove under the speed limit coming back. I have seen what happens to vehicles when they lose control on ice at highway speed. I saw only one car in the ditch. The weather had threatened to hit us with 10-15cm of snow. I went to sleep with it still snowing.

I woke up to see far less snow than forecast in my area. Now it is sunny, above freezing, and melting. The roofers still have not finished replacing the tar and gravel roof where I work. With the recent snowfall and it melting we now have multiple leaks in the ceiling and we have run out of buckets to catch the drips. Personally I thought stripping off a roof and replacing it during the tail end of winter was the wrong time of year for this project. Then again I never claimed to be a roofing expert.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Return of the music post

Adventures in not buying a truck

I have been perusing the vehicle sales pages on the internet for a used truck. I have been looking for something like a Canyon, Colorado, Ranger, or a Dakota. I do not want something full size as it is usually only me in a vehicle heading out somewhere. I would like to get my hands on a four wheel drive but it is not a deal breaker. I would prefer a manual transmission. Besides, if I get a full size truck I might discover friends I never had asking me to help them move.

I have seen several that I am interested in. In the private sale ads the seller can list their phone number or can be contacted through email through the website. In the last few weeks I have sent seven email requests through ads with email only contact requested. Only one has responded. I set up a time to see the truck, when the agreed time was approaching I sent a text asking for an address and I never heard back. I sincerely thought the purpose of placing an ad was to sell your stuff.

One ad I called that had a phone number was on a Ford Ranger that was described as mint condition. I managed to see this one in person. The owner was a really nice guy in his eighties and said his daughter used it last and they no longer had any use for it. His definition of mint is vastly different from mine. It looked like the truck might have been used in a couple of high speed escapes from the police and came out on the losing end. 

So far most people out there want too damn much for their vehicle. No matter, I am patient.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Not really into birds

This one was too good to pass up. This one did not care how close I got. I know someone who is really into birding and would have spent at least an hour taking photos of this woodpecker. I really need to buy a better camera.

Monday, 12 March 2018

For Carol

Outside Calmar, Alberta March 10, 2018. Far too long without a hay bale post. It is damn hard to find a decent hay bale photo opportunity.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Holmfield, Manitoba

Harrison Milling grain elevators and mill buildings
While driving around southwestern Manitoba, photographing grain elevators, I came to the town of Holmfield to see the twinned elevators at the mill there. I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of other interesting sights in the town.

The prime attraction of the town is the Harrison Milling complex, featuring a pair of grain elevators and the mill itself. This mill is the oldest mill in Western Canada, built in 1897. The Harrison brothers were milling here until the late 1990s.

The mill is private property, still owned by the Harrison family. My photographs are from the public roads nearby.

Holmfield General Store
Holmfield also features a general store, labeled as the Pioneer Store. I believe it's a museum now, and it had a sign with a phone number to call if you wanted to visit it.

The "Holmfield Hilton" is nearby - I'm not sure if the hotel is still in operation or not, but I liked the sign.

The town is full of abandoned buildings, but it is not abandoned. There is a church that appears to still be in use, and I did see some occupied houses while I was there.

Probably not in use any more
Every prairie town seems to have a few abandoned vehicles.

It's been a while since this has hauled some grain

Even the town hardware store was still there in 2014.

Hardware and Paints
More about Holmfield

Thanks to BW for letting me write this guest post!

Guest post alert!

A few days ago out of the blue I got an email asking if I would be interested in a guest post. This caught me totally off guard. I had truly run out of material simply because I got busy with everyday stuff and weather kept me from getting out. I appreciated the offer to shake thing up a bit here. The person in question has a great blog of their own and I was surprised he would want to post something on my page. I eagerly accepted.

Before I knew it he had a post up in draft form before the weekend. If I would have been near a computer earlier this weekend I would have published it sooner. Other than to size the photos so they fit better I changed nothing.

I really want to thank Steve at Confessions of a Train Geek for the guest post. He has a great train blog and I invite you to check it out. I look forward to meeting up one day. The post will publish later today.

Friday, 9 March 2018

The weekend trip

Off to visit my mother this weekend. Not something I am looking forward to. That is not meant to be mean. We have little in common and I quickly run out of things to talk about. Her views on many things are different than mine. We get along fine. I have nothing against mom. The visit itself is kind of like one of those things that I feel that I need to do, like laundry. I try to visit mom at least once a month to look after things she might need done or things she thinks she needs me to do. If she lived closer I would see her more often.

My sister has tagged along for a couple of visits. I would much rather that my sister drove her own vehicle up to visit. I prefer to drive and I prefer to drive my own vehicle. One of the cardinal rules of driving is driver picks the music. My sister does not seem to get that rule. I do not like dance, hip hop, rap, or anything else that is garbage masquerading as music. Therefore it does not get played when I drive. I also like talk radio. I like to just listen and not say much when I drive. I am not unsocial or anti-social. This is just the way I like to travel. If you want something different then you drive your own vehicle.

The photo has nothing to do with the post. I felt like posting it. Taken two days ago a few miles outside where I live.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Why not a music post?

It's only Thursday . . .

The one storey building I work in is fairly old and the owner is cheap. In the three years that I have worked in this building the tar and gravel roof has been patched multiple times. Every time when snow on the roof started to melt, or when it rained, buckets would have to be placed in various spots to catch the leaks. It was common to come into the office in the morning and find a pool of water on the floor. Patching the roof never worked. Existing leaks still leaked and new leaks would be discovered.

The owner finally caved. Since Thursday last week the roof is being replaced. It is definitely not a quiet job. During office hours I have had roofers bashing away at the roof above for eight hours a day stripping the old roof. The roofers like eighties rock music at loud levels. The noise is so loud I cannot speak to clients on the phone in my office. Aside from the noise is the smell of hot tar being applied to sections of the roof at different times. Every day when I leave for the day I have a nasty headache. I am not complaining, they have a job to do and they are doing what they need to do to get it done.

At this point I am truly looking forward to the weekend.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

I got nothing

I seriously have nothing to post.

There are no photos in reserve. The post cupboard is empty.

I have my Remembrance Day post and my Christmas post done. That is only because I ran across some material this year that would suit those occasions. If something happened to me at least two more items would publish. The readership would have fallen to zero by then.

This is not usual winter weather in Alberta and recent storms have kept me from getting out.  There is nothing to take photos of anyway, everything is covered in snow. Streets are still being cleared. To park on my street I have to drive through a foot of snow. It might be time to get a truck with the four wheel drive. My job is boring, not that I want it to be exciting. I am grateful that nothing stressful is happening.

I will see if I can find something to post.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Snow stormed once again

Not my car in the ditch. I was on my way to the conference that I was supposed to attend which is about fifty miles from where I live. A snowstorm hit started yesterday afternoon and continued on into today. This morning side roads were drifted in. Side streets had single lanes plowed. I started out driving on the highway with lots of time to spare to get to my destination. The highway was extremely icy in spots and I stopped counting cars in the ditch when I got to twenty. I had to drive through a one and a half foot drift on an interchange and decided that was enough. After about a third of the way there I figured my presence as a participant was not needed that badly and headed back.

I had new snow tires installed back in November before winter hit. I was driving well under the speed limit due to the ice and snow. If I tried to speed up I could feel the car start to slide and the wind was only polishing the road surface even more. Of course there are the usual people out on the roads that should not be allowed to drive. I observed one person pulled over by the RCMP and being ticketed. He was driving a minivan and only bothered to clear snow from his windshield and driver's side window. All the rest of the windows were covered with about two inches of snow. Hopefully they charged him with everything applicable. There are days I feel for the police having to go out in weather like this and deal with stupidity.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Fun with Blogger

For some reason it takes me several attempts to sign out of  Blogger. Anyone else having problems? 

St. John Ukrainian Catholic Church Borschiw

Rural Beaver County, Alberta. No longer in regular use.