Tuesday, 11 December 2018

To reward my loyal readers

I give you hay bales in winter.

It is also a cheap attempt to boost page views.

Amity School 1908 - 1951

Former one room school near Strome, Alberta. Someone turned it into a granary after it ceased being a school.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Crystal Hill School

Crystal Hill School - built in 1930, replacing the original 1913 school that was too small for the steadily increasing enrollment. It operated as a school until 1954 when it closed. Local residents rallied to purchase the building to be used as a community hall and for church services. Located in SW Saskatchewan, visited in September 2017

- Jason Paul Sailer

Stone Church Ruins

Sometimes with my work I am able to do some photography on the side.  Occasionally I go to Saskatchewan to do field reviews or measure buildings. Last month I was in Saskatchewan (Regina/Saskatoon) for work, and I had some time after my work responsibilities to do some photography.

One of the places I had heard about was the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, located north of Regina near Southey, Saskatchewan.  My first trip to Southey was in 2015 but with most trips, I don't find out about the gems to stop at until much later.  It was the same for this stone church, so on this trip I made sure to set some time aside to go look at it.  Unfortunately I haven't been lucky in finding out more information about it, so I will keep looking.

- Jason Paul Sailer

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Winter black and white

Abandoned house near Galahad, Alberta. 

Some days the mind wanders . . .

In my younger days I worked at a small insurance brokerage in Edmonton. Insurance is one of those necessary things that people do not pay much attention to until they need it. Being an insurance broker is not one of those exciting jobs. Most of the time it is painfully dull. There were, and still are, times that I have the attention span of . . . something with a short attention span.

One hot August day nothing was happening and I seemed to be the only one in the office. There were, and still are, times where I try to inject a bit of humour into situations. Mainly to amuse myself.

The phone rang. A voice on the other end said they needed a quote on car insurance. I replied that I can give you a quote but I cannot sell you any. The voice on the other end asked why that was. I said that we just ran out. The insurance was on back order and I phoned our supplier and they promised us we would get our order off the truck first thing tomorrow morning. So if you could wait until tomorrow morning I will have a shipment in and I can give you a call to let you know as soon as it arrives and sell you a policy.

I thought for sure the person on the other end would get a laugh out of that one. Not a chance. The person sincerely and happily thanked me and said they would call right away the next day and hung up. That caught me off guard. Thankfully no one overheard that exchange. I cannot remember if the person ever called back.

There were, and still are, times I have a bit of fun with clients. I try to be a bit smarter about it these days.

Old Concrete Road Bridge

Forgotten Highway Bridge - Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan (north of Regina). Visited November, 2018.

- Jason Paul Sailer

Friday, 7 December 2018

Kind of slacking on my own blog posts

I am in a new area with a new job and trying to convince people that I know what I am doing. So far I am being given the benefit of a doubt. With luck they will not find me out. The fools.

A lot of little things take up your time. Moving your stuff into a new place is one. Getting set up at a different job is another. Just when I think I have all the office supplies I need I notice something else I am missing and have to order. Getting all passwords to various internet sites set up is time consuming. Establishing relationships with suppliers is another or just getting to know the people you need to know. Not to mention that Christmas is approaching.

It is mom's birthday on Sunday and I will going to visit her and do lunch. This year she gets the gift of me.

Short Creek Church and Cemetery

A Lutheran church and cemetery north of Columbus, North Dakota.

The church was restored in 1981 and must have looked top-notch at the time. Sadly, little upkeep has been done in recent times, but . . . still a beauty. On a positive note, the cemetery is still maintained. 

The church is open . . . don't forget to sign the visitor's registry!

Pineapples embossed on the tin panels surrounding the interior of the church.

A few shots of the cemetery.

The unisex outhouse.  Note the "horns" on the roof peaks.

A few photos of the church taken from the cemetery.

- Michael Truman

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Grace Church and Cemetery

Grace Church and Cemetery is located in the Goldstone area of Montana.  The cemetery has had recent burials but the original church is now gone.  In its place stands a steel framework in the shape of the historic church but smaller in scale.

This took me by surprise as I was expecting to find the original church. But . . . after walking through the cemetery for a short time my initial disappointment soon faded as I adopted the "new" church as the spirit of the old church.

The Sweet Grass Hills are to the west and this meadow-like spot simply felt warm and inviting.  All was well and good at Grace Church and Cemetery. 

- Michael Truman

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Portal State Bank

A small historical bank building in Portal, North Dakota. 

The coal chute (below the windows in the upper photo) is still intact as are a few of the architectural details.

- Michael Truman

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

American Lutheran Church in Hogeland, Montana

A lovingly maintained church that is still in regular use. It was decorated for the upcoming American Thanksgiving Celebration on my visit there in late October.

Northern Montana and northern North Dakota have a wealth of historical Lutheran churches.  Some have been abandoned, several have merged with other congregations and others are still as beautiful as the day they were built. This one definitely falls into the latter category.  A joy to see.

First look inside the front doors.

This is one example of the seven stained-glass windows in the church.

A shot from the balcony.

The altar decorated for Thanksgiving.

A photo of the congregation dated August 15, 1943.

- Michael Truman

Monday, 3 December 2018

The Purves Church

Abandoned church in Purves, Manitoba
While photographing grain elevators at Kaleida, Snowflake and Purves, Manitoba in July 2014, I stumbled across this former United Church in the ghost town of Purves.

I haven't been able to find much about this church other than it is was a United Church and that it hasn't been used in some time.

Former United Church in Purves, Manitoba
There were several steel recycling bins on the property. The building itself looked quite vacant.

I noticed a "two holer" outhouse tipped over behind the church.

An old "biffy"
More information on the Purves grain elevators.

- Steve Boyko