Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Signs of . . .

This is kind of funny if you are familiar with Alberta backroads. In rural areas where there are dirt roads there are often roads that are not even gravel. What looks like a solid surface might not be. A quick short rainfall can turn some of these roads into a quagmire. Four wheel drive is not going to help you either.

This one is great as well. My backroads atlas sometimes brings me to roads that ceased being roads. I appreciate that someone put up a sign.

One of the best ones I saw on some open prairie in a remote corner of Alberta said "Not Recommended For Winter Travel". It was the middle of summer and it looked like a goat trail and I would not have recommended it for summer travel either. I should have got a photo of that.


  1. It is the most evil mud in the world. That mud is "greasy." It fills in your treads, your tires effectively go bald - and you can get stuck on a perfectly level road in mud that is less than two inches deep! It's the damndest thing I've ever seen. You MIGHT be able to get around if you have proper mudder tires - but then there are the conventional 4x4 gobbing holes lurking where the mud gets deeper and you end up high centering.

    I once got stuck on one in a grazing reserve. I locked my Jeep TJ up and still slid down a very shallow hill, doing graceful 360's all the way down and could have gotten out and walked beside it as it slid! I got out later that night when the mud froze enough for me to get some traction. It was a pretty crappy day....

    Carry rations and water BW, you are the explorer that will almost certainly need them at one point....

    1. I have had people ask why I sometimes park and walk a few hundred feet on a road or trail before driving on it. I prefer not to get stuck and stranded. I know exactly what you are talking about, surfaces that look solid may not be. People have not believed me when I mentioned equipment disappearing in muskeg.

    2. Oh, it's still there, BW! I know where you can find two D11's out in skeg country...but you will need equal parts dynamite and road rage to get them out...


    3. Definitely a prairie thing.