Thursday, 26 November 2015

Metiskow, Alberta November 9, 2015

Metiskow is a little bit off the beaten path. I posted some photos of Metiskow on Facebook and a cousin commented that my uncle, my father's brother, was born here. I never knew that, then again I was never much into family history. My father was never really into pursuing it. A lot of relatives I have never met. My grandfather on my father's side died years before I was born.

Less than one hundred people live here. I can confirm there is an active rail line beside the town as the train went by when I was there. 

The church has stain glass panels in the windows, nothing fancy, just coloured panes of rectangular glass. It looks like it is still being used as a church. There was no way to see the inside.

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  1. Not in bad shape for a hundred year old building. Such a little blue lock for such a big door!