Sunday, 29 November 2015

Reid Hill Cemetery

In 1906 there was a store in this area and a temporary North West Mounted Police detachment. This is eleven kilometres due east of Vulcan, Alberta on Highway 534. Reid Hill came into being before Vulcan existed. Vulcan remains, all that is left of Reid Hill is a hall across the road. The church that was here was moved to Champion, Alberta many years ago.

The two acre cemetery was neglected for years until someone got a government grant to improve the site. Apparently a lot of the graves were unmarked. The headstones were moved and the original site is farmed.

This is at the back of the collection markers. I would like to see it at the front. Some person likely scraped together what they could to give someone a marker. I think it deserves a more prominent position. It is also the most recent headstone at the site.

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  1. How sad looking - but at least the settlers are remembered and not forgotten.