Monday, 30 November 2015

A walk to the Paint Pots in Kootenay National Park

I went here on November 1, 2015. Of course the day I decide to go it has to snow two to three inches of wet snow that day. The trail is nice and wide. It is marked as wheelchair accessible. Parks Canada does a great job of marking and maintaining trails. 

This is a one kilometre walk from the parking area. This is just off Highway 93 west of Alberta border. This would have been better in the summer simply because you would be able to see everything better. I kind of misunderstood what would be here. I expected water or mud bubbling up from the ground. Instead there are three pools where minerals accumulate over time from underground springs and there is a runoff from these pools. It is a nice little trek.

The paint pots are formed by the accumulation of iron oxide around the outlets of three cold mineral springs. As the rim of iron builds up around each pot, they gradually increase in height. The greenish colour of the water is the result of fresh water mixing with the pooled water.  

Mineral laden runoff. There is a lot of iron in the water.

The three pools are just above this runoff.

There are three pools. With the recent snowfall I was really able to show one of them.

The earth here is red and yellow and used to be mined. This is a long abandoned cart.

More mining remains.

On the way back this tree with overly green branches caught my eye.

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  1. What a beautiful place - and oh, those mountains!! The green branches makes a nice contrast for the snow!