Saturday, 7 November 2015

Deer at Fairmont Lodge October 24, 2015

Years ago when my parents would take the family here if you woke up early and looked outside your room you would often see deer on the lawn. That was about fifteen to twenty years ago. When I was here recently I took a walk on the grounds at about six at night. I came around the end of the lodge and there was a small herd of deer on the lawn, one male and six females. They quietly ignored me as I took a number of photos and I guess I got to close to twenty feet of them. I could have got closer, I saw no need to press my luck. No need to disturb their dinner.

I remember years ago driving through this area in the spring at six in the morning and after cresting a hill on the highway having to spike my brakes. Right in the middle of the highway had to be a herd of close to one hundred deer. I had to wait about half an hour until they decided to disperse. 


  1. The are nice and fat. They eat well, just like the ones at our place. Best not to get too near them this time of year as the bucks are a little crazy!