Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What was once Naco, Alberta

On Highway 886 between Consort and Cereal, Alberta on September 6, 2015. Named after a town in Arizona. That is all that I can find on this place.

This is all that is left of the town. I saw this from the road and walked across the field in the pouring rain to get a picture. It is kind of amazing that there used to be a lot more here and practically nothing is left.


  1. I find it astonishing that whole towns just vanish and yet, they are not forgotten.

  2. I have spent a lot of time through the whole special area sections of Alberta. I have been impressed with the people who made a living out of such dry barren country. From Consort down to the Red Deer river, I cannot recall seeing such green grass or so many trees. It was starck and magnificent, I have to make a trip back.

    1. You should send me your email sometime so I can pick your brain on some of this stuff.