Monday, 12 October 2015

Between St. Michael and Wostok, Alberta

September 19, 2015 side trip after getting new tires on the motorcycle. I was in Drayton Valley and noticed the steel cord was showing on my rear motorcycle tire. Of all the things to not pay attention to it had to be this. I zipped into Edmonton early Saturday September 19, 2015 and managed to find someone with tires in stock and who would replace them.

As with most things on short notice you are going to pay. After getting financially pillaged I decided to try out the new tires on the highway. I paid for them, I might as well enjoy them.

In Alberta it is common to see signs like this. I find it disappointing that these signs put up by the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) have not been kept up. In fact I am not sure if I have ever seen a new one. Since I like to take random roads I decided I would turn off Highway 29 and see what I would discover.

A few miles up the road and off in the distance is a magnificent church.

Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church.

The Ukrainians have a way with churches. I did not attempt to look inside.

Ukrainians contributed a lot to Alberta history. Outside of Ukraine and Russia, Canada has the third largest Ukrainian population. The original Ukrainian settlement in this area was in 1896. The original church on this side was wood and built in 1904. The brick church that succeeded it was built in 1923. A marker near the church denotes its history. 

I never did get to the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church listed on the sign. Next time.

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  1. You chose wisely! All that out in the middle of nowhere!