Thursday, 8 October 2015

Delburne, Alberta September 21, 2015

Original restored train station built in 1911. It was in another part of Delburne and moved to this location years ago. Now it is a museum.

This is what caught my attention. This is a rarity. Years ago there were many of them. This is a railroad water tower that has been moved here from its original location. From the information provided on site it used to have a large cedar tank that held thousands of gallons of water for steam locomotives. There was a narrow walkway inside between the tank and the exterior wall. The spout on the side was used to fill the locomotives and used a float system. Few very of these still exist.


  1. Wow! You out did yourself on this one! I've only seen water towers like that in drawings. Thank you for posting!

    1. So that is what those things are? I've only seen one other up in Heinsburg, AB.

      Our intrepid explorer may want to check it out - last time I was out there years ago it was yet another old town filled with ghosts and falling into ruin...

  2. I recently "discovered" the one you mentioned during a trip through Google Maps. I have not been there but I do want to see it. There is another one in southern Alberta as well.