Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sunnyside Cemetery, Alberta

Remote lonely place fifty-five kilometres via gravel roads from Coutts, Alberta which is the nearest town. The cemetery is off on a side road that has a dead end. I thought this place would be abandoned. I was surprised to find out that there are a number of relatively recent burials. Few people live in this area. Church services in the area where held in schools or in homes. People did attend church services in Montana in Whitlash years ago. There is not much in the area now. Just a little further east is the Aden, Alberta / Whitlash, Montana border crossing.

The sign is at an intersection. Take a turn where the sign points and it is up a hill on a dirt road. I need to buy a truck or SUV sometime instead of driving my car to places like this.

The hills in the background are in Montana.

This was interesting. A RCMP headstone. Born in Switzerland. Served in the NWMP (Northwest Mounted Police, forerunner of the RCMP) June 12, 1894 to June 13, 1901. Died in Lethbridge, Alberta at age 96 on January 9, 1965. He served in this area. I looked him up online, there is a database of RCMP graves online.