Sunday, 2 April 2017

Out of storage and back on the road

I got the bike out of storage the evening of March 29, 2017. Had to give the battery a quick charge after it sat for about four months. I put new tires on it just before storing it for the winter so that is out of the way. It could use a bath as it accumulated some dust. A couple of quick runs down the highway seems to have charged the battery. 

Looking forward to hitting the road once temperatures get a little warmer.


  1. Ahhh, the FIRST ride after a long Winter... sigh :o)

  2. If your storage site has power invest in a Battery Tender(tm) or some such - it will both keep the battery charged/maintained as well as extending its life, with regular use.
    Riding season never ends in South Texas ;-)

    1. My storage site is currently a friend's place. I will be doing what you suggest in the future.

  3. How many miles do you have on the roadster BW