Thursday, 6 April 2017

Posted this because I felt like posting something

Some random thoughts.

I frequently visit the following website:

The reason why I am love this page is that whoever posts here posts some amazing photos. The following showed up on one of the posts. 

Rules to live by

 2. Don’t go after a friend’s wife or girlfriend

 3. Keep a secret when told in confidence
 4. Learn the craft of small talk

 5. Never cancel at the last minute
 6. Be on time 
 7. Use failure as a spur to push forward

 8. Remember manners at all times
 9. Be interested and interesting

10. Know your alcohol limits, and respect them

11. Better to be loved and hated, rather than liked by all

12. Avoid anger without reason
13. Never turn up to a party, friend’s house, or supper empty handed

14. Know when to tip

15. Buy your round of drinks when it comes, without having to be prompted

16. Know when you’re wrong, and when to say sorry

17. Understand that chivalry is NOT dead

18. Say thank you, a lot. It goes a long way

19. Leave your arrogance in your teens

20. Give everyone a chance – if only a brief one

21. Choose books over television

22. Don’t crave being the centre of attention

23. Take a risk every now and then, and break out of your comfort zone.

24. Be spontaneous

25. Learn to relax and let go – life’s too short to just commute, work, eat and sleep

26. Confront boredom by making a change

27. Be confident, but accept when you’re in need of help

28. Take a compliment as well as you can give one

29. Watch what you eat, take care of what you wear, have pride in how your conduct

30. Travel whenever possible. Follow passions and indulge in guilty pleasures

By Patrick Tillard found on Gentleman’s Journal

I edited this a little bit. I agree with most of this. We all have our rules that we live by. At least those of us of a certain age have them. Things like this should not have to be mentioned. We should all be aware of certain unwritten codes of conduct. I am not sure if the younger age group understands this. My father taught me a lot these. I have zero sense of style, my father never tied a tie in his life. I have learnt a bit on my own. Your father can't teach you everything.

Number one should be do what is right. As for splitting the bill, everyone should have agreed to how an evening out is being handled ahead of time. Guys instinctively know how to handle this. I never go out unless I know I can afford the worst case scenario, having to pick up the bill for everyone. On rare occasions the wost case can happen. I largely agree with thirteen except if I am invited somewhere I just ask if they would like me to bring something. As for fourteen, I rarely tip as I rarely get service worth tipping. To me tips are not automatic, they are earned. As for twenty if you screw me you do not get another chance. As for twenty-one, I am a voracious reader. Everyone should pick up a book sometime.

I have a few more. Respect is earned, not conferred. Do not be a jerk, being nice goes a long way, however there are times you will have to be a jerk to get things done. Know when to cut your losses. Cutting your losses applies to people and situations. Do not whine. Life will never be fair. Celebrate the victories and learn from the defeats. Not everything will work out. There are no ups if there are no downs. Give a friend an unexpected call. It might make their day to hear from someone. You might be the bright light in their day and not even know it. Take a stand for something and be prepared for the consequences good or bad. Do not help those who are ungrateful and not willing to help you in return. Be an optimist. Pessimists are more often right, optimists usually have more fun, that is a quote from someone. Be a friend to your friends, keep tabs on your friends. Revenge is sometimes necessary and feels good.

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  1. I too agree with most of this... and most of what you wrote, too. I'm not big on revenge but maybe I've just been lucky so far.