Friday, 21 April 2017

So I have that going for me . . .

Some days you wake up and everything is in pain. If you are like me it is the head, neck lower back, and a few other places. As for me it has been this way for the last week. Exploring on a weekend taking photos, doing some hiking, crawling over, and under fences, to get a better look at things has its rewards and some occasional unwanted side effects. Not sure what I did to cause this however I did injure something somehow.

You wake up in pain and hope it will go away before you have to get serious about starting the day. The pain is mainly due to a car accident years ago where someone t-boned the vehicle I was in. Regardless of how hurt I feel in the morning I will myself to get up, get moving, and take on the day. A person still has responsibilities to himself and others. Various painkillers have not been a solution. They help in the short term. Rest and taking things relatively easy have not worked. I gave in and had an appointment with a massage therapist.

The problem with going to a therapist is finding a good one. Some I have went to have been absolutely brutal. Once you find a good one you try to stick with them only to find they frequently have gone one day somewhere else for whatever reason and you are stuck trying to find a good one again. I think I have found a good one again after the last good one had departed. This morning I again woke up in pain after a session with a therapist the day before. This time the pain is in different places and feels different. That might be progress and a sign of everything getting back to normal and in its proper place. I am optimistic the next few days will be better.


  1. Living with pain is no fun at all. Good on you for getting up and doing what needs to be done in spite of the pain. The temptation to just stay in bed with the covers pulled over your head is strong. I hope you can find the relief you need.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I've been experiencing a lot more neck pain than usual - too much time at this computer - and might have to go see a massage therapist. They've helped me in the past.