Saturday, 29 April 2017

Attempted antelope photography

Deer are easy to get in a photo. Sometimes they will even wait for you to get a picture. Antelope are very skittish. I saw lots of them in southern Alberta on April 14/15, 2017 and got a number of lousy photos. If you even look in their direction they take off. With luck I will run across a narcissistic one that love to pose.


  1. You have pictures of Antelope, the only one I ever saw bounded across me on the interstate in North Dakota.

    That new header picture is great, it looks like that waterfall didn't object to having it's picture taken at all.

  2. Shot #2 is all I have every seen of Pronghorn in western Kansas or Eastern Colorado. So congratulation on the other shots particularly the first one.

  3. They have excellent eyesight, and if you are up wind of them they are gone.
    Saw so many in Wyoming, and occasionally in Oregon back of beyond.

  4. Now there is never an issue of standing still when hay bales are the subjects...LOL... I've never seen antelope in the wild... but deer we have tons of... just chased off 5 of them trying to munch on my rosebushes.