Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Peno Church, Lamont County, Alberta

Abandoned and surrounded by dandelions.

Last Saturday was spent meeting up with a fellow blogger and touring a little bit of rural Alberta. Thank you to Glen Bowe to showing me a few places that were new to me.


  1. What a cute little church. EVERYTHING is surrounded by dandelions right at the moment!

  2. That dome roof is very distinctive, I like it!
    I'd read someplace that dandelion was a good source of vitamin C and valued plant until after WW2. After the war lawn envy cam about and the chemical companies made good money selling herbicides to kill them and give you that perfect lawn.

  3. I remember seeing this one as "the small church with the big dome." No dandelions when I was there, just snow.

    Dandelion salad is delicious. Find a big patch of dandelions and lay a piece of plywood over them for a week. Remove the plywood and there will be a mass light coloured dandelion greens. Why do this? Takes the bitterness out of the leaves.

  4. Husband was priest
    Went to many of these little churches driving across the prairie mainly in Manitoba
    One was absolutely full of honeybees
    The wall buzzed
    Must have occupied that wall for years

  5. I think I'm one of the rare few that happen to think dandelions are beautiful and in this case they play wonderfully against the grey of the church.