Monday, 19 August 2019

Pearson School 1920 - 1946

Former one room schoolhouse south of Wainwright, Alberta.

I read some internet sites where they feature abandoned places. A lot of people seem to romanticize old one room schools. Personally I do not think they were better back then. A lot of them had high turnover of teachers. Some operated intermittently due to lack of funds or enrollment. Many of them were very cold in the winter. Some barely had any teaching materials.

To me it is amusing that I like to travel to old schools at this stage in life since I hated being in school in my younger days. Back then I did well and enjoyed learning, the problem was that I was frequently bored, and I was likely no different from school kids years ago. These days when I do run across something like this miles from anywhere I do not think about the school, I think about what people did back then to build for the future and try to improve their lot in life and for their children. Old schools were part of that.


  1. For 26 years that small building took care of teaching the local kids to read, write, do arithmetic, basic history, geography, science and how to show up on time.

  2. Just remember, one room schools sent men to the moon; modern schools teach gender studies.

  3. My parents were both educated in one-room prairie schools during the Depression. They hated school.

  4. I went to school in a building similar to this one. Now it has been turned into a home, as most of the old schools in this area have been. One teacher dealing with grades one through eight. No kindergarten then. The older kids helped teach the younger ones. I liked grade one and hated school ever after. I was a bored child too!