Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Update to a prior post

Someone sent me some information regarding a prior post of mine:

Someone who is from the area informed me there are close to ninety people in this cemetery, many of them died from the Spanish Influenza epidemic. The church records were lost in a fire so a lot of the graves are unmarked. It is amazing how devastating that epidemic was. I think some markers in areas like this noting the tragedy and the effect on communities would be an excellent idea. History is sometimes lost if we do not record it.

Personally I do not have any connection to any particular place. I moved about thirty times before I graduated from high school. One of those towns I lived in does not exist anymore. Since I lived in quite a few places it may be one of the reasons why I like to get out and explore different spots. I appreciated it when someone sends me some background on a place as I find it adds to the experience.


  1. Wonderful that someone sent you more information! At least those people are not completely forgotten.
    Doesn't matter where how many times you have moved - 'home' is wherever the memories are. :o)

  2. were you a military child?

    1. No. My father worked in construction when I was a kid. Most moves were done before I started school. He switched careers when I started school however I moved six times to entirely different towns during my school years.