Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Kananaskis Country October 30, 2016

Quick run yesterday through the Kananaskis where Highway 40 loops from Longview, Alberta over the Highwood Pass to just outside Canmore, Alberta. This is a summer only highway closed from about December 15 to June 15. Every time I have been through here I have seen wildlife.

There was a group of five on the highway that did not mind posing.

This one is pretty cute.


  1. Great pictures! Beautiful mountains. I wonder what the sheep (they are sheep, aren't they?)are after on the highway. Here the white tail deer can be found along some roads. They go for the salt left from salting icy roads or they are after the grain that spills from the grain trucks hauling to nearby elevators.

  2. I agree, Vicki! Beautiful photos! Oh, to have real mountains like that here in Joisey! Deer are a big problem locally - especially in the Winter.

  3. Beautiful country... and that last little guy is a cutie! I like them in the wild, but not in my yard eating my roses.